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Oct 25, 2012 11:00am PDT
. giants are much happier about pablo's accomplishment. but the giants have a lot of work to do. doug fister will be on the mound for the tigsz. and madison baumgartner will be on the mound for the giants. he's made some tweaks to his mechanics. we'll see how it plays out. >> thank you so much. >>> fans are showing out plenty of money to witness history at at&t park. we checked stubhub this morning. standing room only tickets are going for upwards of $500 each. seats in the bleachers are good seats going for $2,200 each. i don't know about that good. and the upper deck will set you back at least $625. not just the tickets are expensive. parking near the stadium is going for as much as $130 per space. >> that's robbery. today the giants fans getting a shot to own some of the giants' history. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live at at&t park where the team is selling some pretty hot stuff straight out of the postseason. looks good out there. good morning, arturo. >> reporter: really everything looks good, jon. the big rush for merchandise memorabilia obviously came right after last ni
Oct 26, 2012 11:00am PDT
position. >> reporter: meanwhile, a scary moment for tigers pitcher doug fister who took a line drove off his head in the second inning. it was reminiscent when brandon mccarthy suffered a concussion on may 5th. he answered all of the concussion questions and retired 13 of the next 16 batters he faced. as for game three, it will feature vogelsong and sanchez. you guys, i know everybody was excited about the rally before his last start. i'm sure a lot of giants fans will be making those again tonight. >> jamie, i follow you on twitter. i see you are a chef, too. i'm sure you have your own recipe to cook up. >> multitalented. >> reporter: that is the one i put on there last week. >> thanks, jamie. >> full service here. >> the fans have to get adjusted to the new ballpark out there and much colder temperatures. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. >> the chance of showers we could see in the games in detroit could clude snowshowers. let's show you the light rain passing over detroit. you see the frontal system moving on by. a bit of good news. game three and four, saturday and sunday, co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2